Analyzing customer behavior in your sale’s points

You know the number of clients who bought in your store yesterday. But do you know :

  • how many people passed in front of your window without entering ?
  • what was the presence time inside?
  • how many people had already come ?
passers stop in front of the window


passers enter the store


Visitors leave within 5 min after


visitors have already come


These figures, who remain anonymous, are collected from connection attempts wifi mobile phones of your visitors. They are available for reporting by point of sale and by region or country.

Retail Intelligence Data

Traffic Traffic

How many potential buyers pass the sale’s point ?

Conversion Conversion

How many potential buyers come ?


Buying Time Buying Time

How much time do they spend per visit ?


Bounce Rate Bounce Rate

How many buyers leave or are unlikely to make a purchase ?


Commitment Commitment

How many visitors engage in buying ?

Frequency of purchase Frequency of purchase

How often potential buyers come ?

Customizable edge and reports table

Build dashboard

  • Choose periods
  • Select locations

Select indicators

  • Attraction
  • Commitment
  • Retention
  • Sales and Traffic

Export custom reports

  • By location, by time
  • Select the relevant measures
  • Analyze visitor behavior

The launch took place at the Franchise Exhibition 2015


User front of a window L'ADRESSE

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