About us

Relaymark is one of the major French actors in sales network management and animation (franchised, distributors, sales…).

The Head Office is located in the Paris suburbs. The company benefits from the « Innovative company » qualification and from support of BPI France.

Its investment plan is estimated at 1,5 million euros for the next 3 years. The objective is to reach a turnover of 10 million euros in France and abroad by 2018. Relaymark counts 25 co-workers, this staff is continuously growing – the R&D team for example doubles every two years – aiming at a staff of 30 by the end of 2016, by developing the sales and R&D teams mainly, in line with its ambitious objectives.

SAID EL HABIBI, CEO : after having spent 7 years with RANK XEROX then 6 years with the DYNADOC group, this self-taught man is passionate about management and result-oriented culture. In 1993 he set up his first consulting and publishing agency. Fortified by his success, he then develops a multimedia communication agency in 1997. Attracted by new challenges and new technologies, he is the co-founder of relaymark in 2001 with Denis Tanneux.

DENIS TANNEUX, General Manager : after business and communication studies, he sets up a first company offering services to individuals at their homes. After selling it, he becomes sales and marketing manager in a B to B world leader company and launches a network of franchised stores. Wishing to combine communication and new technologies, he co-founds relaymark together with Saïd El Habibi.

For more information, please feel free to contact our communication department : 00 33 1 58 46 14 30 or have a look at our website www.relaymark.com

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